Kerala, India’s southwestern state, enjoys all nature’s blessings – a long coastline, mountain ranges, meandering streams, spectacular waterfalls, dense forests, surfing washed beaches, and incredible monsoon. Today, it is one of the fastest destinations in the world – rising tourism.


Kerala is India’s most literate state, with indices comparable to developed nations. Kerala’s health care record is quite remarkable in India. In all fields of medicine, there are a large number of specialty hospitals offering cost-effective viable treatments for almost every illness. In addition, Kerala has some of the best surgeons and surgical facilities apart from the world-renowned nursing care.


Kerala is one of the few locations where Ayurveda is practiced in the most authentic way, the traditional Indian cure method which emerged thousands of years ago. Ayurveda is more than just a method of medicine. It’s a life science. Kerala is Ayurveda’s world-famous center. A lot of Ayurvedic rejuvenation centers, hospitals and resorts are all over here. They provide a wide range of services


Kerala has one of the most enviable climate. It has the tropical climate and for most of the year remains nice. A few fast facts about the climate are that Kerala does not have a dry spell as is in rest of India. Anywhere between 20-30 degrees Celsius will vary the average temperature.

The monsoon is splitting the pitter and the rain patter and applauding it. Water brings life, vigor, and sparkling leaves, fertile earth, and pleasant weather freshen up your mornings.